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Digital print, unframed

H. 42 x w. 29.7 cm



From the series 'Between Dog and Wolf':

Taking inspiration from fairytale stories, nature and illustration, the work begins to depict the end stages of its story Little Red Riding Hood. This fairy-tale-inspired series encompasses four characters, intertwining their narratives with traditional fairy tales, where through these characters Evans begins to understand her own experiences. The diaristic approach provides a window into another world where the whimsical, visual quality masks an embedded disturbing narrative. The series uses different processes such as dream-like collages, to capture the subconscious, forming a secondary narrative. ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ provides an opportunity for viewers to reflect on their own experiences and the universal themes present in traditional fairy tales.



About Bethan Evans

A love for the fantastical and its oddities has always enamoured Bethan Evans, a South Wales photographer. The enchanting world of dreams and fiction, in all its peculiarities, is an unfathomable possibility where the imagination thrives. Drawing inspiration from traditional fairy tales and stories of old, Evans creates captivating characters within her own imaginative realm, through the mediums of performance, self-portraiture, collage, and costume.

Between Dog and Wolf #14 | 42 x 29.7 cm | By Bethan Evans

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