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*Please note, this artwork is being represented directly from Raquel's studio in Spain and therefore deliveries to all addresses are stated as 10 working days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is. If you would like to check on delivery timings or would like help finding out about import tax, don't hesitate to get in touch.*




Graphic on paper in old good frame

H. 22 x w. 29.5 cm


"From the chimney perceives the fire. Not only the stars illuminate the night, but there is a cosmos where the flame is fanned and a garden inside the house. From the heat of interior our true flowers bown."


"This drawing was born form the imaginary of the house. The dots from the background create the house's shape in the middle of the universe. The flowers talk about life. This duo drawing is a metaphor to speak about our true home, where our intimacy and our heart. We are from where our cosmos is blooming, where we grow up like flowers."



About Raquel Bistuer

Raquel Bistuer shapes her artistic practice through graphic arts such as drawing, sculpture and jewelry techniques applied in a contemporary way.


Her work is building as a ontological exploration. between the imaginary in our society and our own intimacy she creates her pieces to find the non-places that build us.


Racquel was born in Barcelona in 1991. She award-winning work has been exhibited in solo and group shows as well as art fairs in Spain and Italy.



Artist Q&A

What are your biggest influences?

R: The biggest influences to me are my own experiences. Moreover, I try to be attentive to subtle details in daily. In addition, I research the issues that interest me, about my own experiences to have more theoretical information and different points of view.


How important is the material itself to your work?

R: In my case the material is essential to start a new piece. The material itself tells a story, it is the skin of the artwork. I believe materials are as important as ideas, techniques and form.


How do you decide when a form works? What are you looking for in a final piece?

R: Well, it is difficult to know when a piece is finished… However, I think a piece is finished when ethics and aesthetics converge into the same thing. I also believe that when a piece is finished it is because the mind says that it is already satiated, like a stomach.


Does functionality ever come into your work?

R: The difference between arts and crafts is that crafts have functionality, and art doesn’t, because it is focused on the human souls.  I'm not interested in functionality. I am interested in symbolism, in form and substance, not inutility.


The great beauty of art is that it has no special utility. Art doesn’t cover our basic needs, such as sleeping or eating. Those needs are the same ones that animals have. Art is our need; it is what makes us humans.

Bloom (Diptych) | 22 x 29.5 cm | By Raquel Bistuer

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