Blushing Comma | By Ruth King

Blushing Comma | By Ruth King


Slab-built, salt-glazed stoneware

Stamped on base

W. 21 x H. 21 x D. 12 cm



About the Artist

'I think of pots as objects without a heavy burden of expectation allowing them to play a part in anyone's life. Their familiar, sometimes comforting themes can be adapted and shaped to accommodate a personal lexicon while steadfastly retaining their identity as pots. '


'I make pots fashioned from soft sheets of clay cut and assembled to wrap and clothe a space defined by a single drawn footprint or endpoint. The surface enriched by the passage of salt vapours reacts to each twist and turn of the form adding colour, texture and articulation. Beneath their idiosyncrasy lies a tangible framework, a kernel that they all have in common.'