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Analogue photography print, unframed

H. 21 x dia. 14.8 cm



About Diva Garg

"I am an ‘artist’ expressing my fascination and deep respect for “nature” in all it’s forms and representations through various artistic mediums- poetry, analogue photography & food in an endeavour to immerse as opposed to seperate."


"My ongoing BODY of work BODIES is a metaphorical and physical exploration of bodies, a physical framework within which the more ephemeral and esoteric sit."


Diva Garg is a self-proclaimed artist expressing her creativity in an attempt to represent the fascination and deep respect she feels for the “natural world”.


Her mediums of choice as channels of her/the spirit are poetry, food and analogue photography.

Bodies VI | 21 x 14.8 cm | By Diva Garg

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