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H. 5.5 x w. 17.5 x d. 8 cm



About Jxeramics (aka Jie Xu)

"Discussing death should not be seen as a curse on life. In fact, when faced with significant challenges, one becomes more aware of the equality that exists among all individuals and gains a greater appreciation for the present moment. Avoiding what we fear will inevitably catch up with us. Instead of living in constant fear, being separated from loved ones, and dreading unforeseen tragedies, it is preferable to embrace the idea of confronting death head-on while maintaining a strong belief in the value of life."


Jxeramics, founded by Jie Xu, a dedicated Chinese designer based in London, with a strong focus on ceramic and homeware design. With a Master's degree in Designer Maker from UAL Camberwell, Jie has honed her skills and craftsmanship in handcrafting porcelain pieces.


In addition to her passion for design, Jie also works as a social worker, providing care for the elderly with dementia. Inspired by her experiences as a social worker, Jie's recent collection showcases a deep connection to these individuals. Her works are recognized for their subtle incorporation of natural textures and meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in artful and thoughtfully designed pieces.


Jxeramics started its journey in the summer of 2023, marking the beginning of Jie's entrepreneurial venture. Through her company, she aims to offer unique ceramic creations that blend functionality, artistry, and meaningful design.

Bones of Stitches Cup | H. 5.5 cm | By Jxeramics

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