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Stained porcelain

H. 13.5 x dia. 19.5 cm



About Jana Griffiths

Jana Griffith’s porcelain stems from familiar local landscapes. She is intrigued by the human perception of common wild plants, which are overlooked until they encroach into our spaces. When these plants stray from the natural to a more human habitat, they take on a different classification, they become weeds.


Jana’s sense of being within the environment is fundamental to her creative process. Her interest in nature is rooted in childhood growing up in rural Slovakia. The methodical meditative process of working with coloured clay allows her to reflect and depict a frozen moment in time, the blurring boundary between nature and civilisation. Using the combination of industrial and traditional making techniques of slipcasting and hand building, combined with form and pattern, Jana’s collection of open vessels acts as a prop for thinking and highlights human responsibility as stewards of the planet.


Jana is a recent BA (Hons) graduate of University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (2023). She found passion for ceramics later in life, after dedicating many years to raising her children.


Jana is a member of the West Forest Potters Guild and a tutor of ceramic adult evening classes at South Hill Park Art Centre in Bracknell. Although Jana is dedicated to ceramics, she holds the British Art Medal Society Student Medal Grand First Prize Award 2022. Her medal represented Great Britain at Fidem Congress 2023 in Florence, Italy. Jana’s graduate work was selected for the British Ceramics Biennial Fresh 2023, as well as the Wales Contemporary 2023. 

Boundaries IX | H. 13 cm | By Jana Griffiths

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