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Wheel-thrown porcelain with glazed interior

H. 19 x dia. 30 cm




About Johanne Coker

“My ceramics practice is all about the material I am using. Porcelain has qualities of strength and hardness combined with whiteness and translucency and creates a beautiful surface. I explore its limits, stretching and pushing the clay on the wheel until it forms soft, organic folds, almost at the point of collapse.”


“Each piece is unique, the shapes created by the movement of my fingers at varying speeds and pressure, with no tools being used. The strength of the material is demonstrated by the size of the vessels I can achieve, although many are lost in the process. Latterly, I have been investigating the contrast between smooth and curved surfaces, and my large bowls are the result of this.”


“Although I glaze the inside of the pieces, I leave the outside surface bare, polishing it by hand so that the beauty of the porcelain is able to shine.”


Johanne Coker initially trained in ceramics in Singapore with Lim Meng Khuang. Following a course at City Lit, London, she went on to part-time training in throwing with Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery. Johanne completed  a HNC in 3D Design (Ceramics) and Advanced Practice course at RHACC and now works from her studio in London. Notable achievements include a 70 piece commission for Kew Gardens in support of their David Nash exhibition.



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Bowl | Dia. 30 cm | By Johanne Coker

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