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White stoneware, black and white slip.

Dia. 43 cm


From the series 'Brumas':

"The Brumas (Haze) collection was born of a desire to free my practice from the act of doing and to embrace a state of being.


"As a maker, I was for some time heavily influenced by a worldview insisting upon productivity and functionality: my early pieces all served as multifunctional metaphors of the human being as human ‘doer’.


"It took me some time to appreciate the value of - and to begin creating - decorative pieces such as these, a value that lies in the pleasure derived from tone and form."



About the Artist

Bisila Noha is a Spanish London-based ceramic artist. Her work draws from influences and explorations of her Spanish and Equatorial Guinean heritage. With her work, Bisila aims to challenge Western views on art and craft; to question what we understand as productive and worthy in capitalist societies; and to reflect upon the idea of home and oneness pulling from personal experiences in different pottery communities.


Her practice extends from wheel-thrown pieces with the distinctive addition of marbled slip decoration to create eye-catching abstract landscapes; to sculptural pieces mixing throwing, coiling and carving which connect her to her roots, the makers that precede her and our past.


Her work has been featured in many publications including the Financial Times and the New York Times. Notable exhibitions include the Crafts Council’s exhibition ‘Maker’s Eye’ in 2021 and the landmark exhibition ‘Body Vessel Clay’ at Two Temple Place - presenting the work of Ladi Kwali, Magdalene Odundo and Bisila Noha, three generations of Black women artists working with clay, to 'celebrate surprising new ways of exploring one of the world’s oldest artform.'



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Brumas XIV (Haze XIV) | ⌀ 43 cm | By Bisila Noha