Cats | Ryszard Grosz

Cats | Ryszard Grosz



H. 7 x dia. 9 cm



About Ryszard Grosz

Beauty for everyday use and for everyone. This is something that interests me. When creating on a potter's wheel, I try to combine ceramics with drawing and painting, which I also do, and a large dose of humor.

All my pots are stoneware, the glazes are lead-free and non-toxic. The pots are dishwasher safe, however I recommend hand washing.


I started working with clay over 20 years ago. I learned the principles of the organization of pottery workshops, the preparation of masses and glazes, and work with molds. After moving to Warsaw, I studied for several years in the workshop of the Keramos International Ceramics Association. There I got to know all the methods of manual modeling thoroughly. Finally, in 2006 year together with my wife Dorota and her daughter Paulina, I set up my own studio in Warsaw's Żoliborz. We called it the Garden of Arts and Ceramics Workshop.



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