Cloud Burst #6 | By Beverley Isaacs

Cloud Burst #6 | By Beverley Isaacs


Oil on board, diptych

H. 30 x W. 45 cm



About Beverley Isaacs

“Imagine the clouds dripping ,

Dig a hole in your garden to put them in”.

Yoko Ono , Spring 1963


HEAD IN THE CLOUDS- by Beverley Isaacs


The weather reflects how we feel and reflects our moods.

As a painter, I am concerned with colour, capturing light, energy and movement.


I painted these skies through the window panes of my large victorian window during lockdown 2020.  As clouds change consistently , so do our moods.  I hope these paintings will remind you of your own captured moment.


My aim is to portray the essence of movement and the lyrical quality of subject matter through energetic mark making.


Drawing and painting for me embodies the desire to capture in one image the reality of life, not as a single still moment but a series of many moments. I believe that all subjects around us both breathing  or inanimate have a vibrational energy , which in turn affects our surrounding space; Therefore in terms of artistic execution, the stroke perceived as a physical gesture, represents my primary means of expression.  In this respect it is crucial for me to work from life.  Only in this way can the related energy affect my work.


Spontaneity and accidents become a part of my process,  just as moments in time maybe expressed but not repeated.  Such developments are retained in my work, often serving to bring a stronger sense of life into a painting.


Regular experimentation with  materials  and techniques is  a way  for me to develop and find deeper ways of seeing and understanding the world, this has resulted in a diversity of themes depending on my  environment and passions at the time, however the common thread holding them together is a desire to capture movement, and energy.


Beverley Isaacs is a London born expressionist painter.  She studied a BA in Graphics at  Camberwell College of Arts (1991-94)  and a Postgrad in animation at St.Martins College of Art (2002).

From 2005-2011 she lived and worked in Oaxaca, Mexico.  During this time the  light and surrealist culture played a key role in her artistic development culminating in a solo show in 2011 at The Museo del Palacio in Oaxaca.

Since returning to London she has been shortlisted twice for the National Open Art competition , exhibited in  ‘The London Group Open’ 2017,  selected for The WAC Awards 2018. Exhibited at  Thrown Contemporary Gallery 2018, The Venice Biennale 2019, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019.   She  was awarded  a Drawing Scholarship with The New English Artists Club 2018-19,  and  selected to exhibit  as part of  the NEAC Annual Exhibition 2019 and currently 2020 at the Mall Galleries.  

Beverley’s work is  held in private collections in Mexico, UK, Canada, New Zealand, USA and Japan.



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