Cobolt Decay

Cobolt Decay


Slip cast porcelain

H. 27 x w.11.5 x d. 11.5 cm



About the Artist


“At the core of my practice is a desire to blur distinctions between empirical definitions. I aim to create objects with a strangeness inherent in them, that confront the viewer with something that disobeys an accepted reality. For instance I have used ceramics to blur a distinction between biology and geology, creating states of growth and decay in apparently inert substances.

“My work is centred on the materials and processes of Ceramic and Glass, I approach them by researching their specific characteristics, and attempting to express them in anthropomorphic and universal terms.


“My recent degree show focused on the transformations of metals in the firing process inspired by research into the process and ideas of traditional Alchemy. In the past I have also worked alongside other artists to create site-specific environments and installations exploring shared interests in architecture, the sanctity of urban space in the modern landscape and the cinematic experience.”


Clare Flatley is an award-winning artist utilising sculptural installation and the visceral qualities of materials such as ceramic and glass to create experiences of strangeness and the uncanny.



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