Concentrica XXII | By Robert George

Concentrica XXII | By Robert George



H. 23 x w. 21 cm


From the Concentrica series- a group of pieces inspired by a particular saprophytic fungi forming on dead wood. Once cracked open, the fungi reveal distinct light and dark rings forming in a concentric pattern emanating from its center- humbling in its uniformity and measured approach to the slow restructuring of ligneous matter into nutrients for the woodland floor. The different pieces in the series have all been manipulated to reflect upon this process of decay and change.



About Robert George

'What connects me to my material? Usually a piece of rope as thick as your index finger. Working at height as an arborist for over a decade, studying, climbing and being in contact with wood in its rawest form – day in, day out and come rain or shine gives me a unique relationship with the work I create.


'Provenance is at the heart of every piece, the journey from camaraderie and brilliant team work on site to insular and meditative in the studio is encapsulated in my work and self-taught methods of working- following intuition and reflecting upon my own experience of how my material presented itself to me and how this may be perceived in the wider world and the general perception of trees.'



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