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Single stitched fabric flowers balance on metal wires, mounted within glass dome on wooden base

H. 21 x dia. 27.5 cm



About Isabel Dodd

"I am passionate about flowers. Inspired by their complex forms, I recreate their individual structures using a fabric manipulation technique. Each flower is stitched individually, every one unique. Not using colour, I rely solely on the three dimensional character of each flower to produce an everlasting form. Made with composite fabric and balancing on wires, every flower stands elegant and gently swaying as they would in every garden."


Made from a light composite fabric, each one of Isabel Dodd's sculptures are individually stitched and manipulated. Absent from colour each flower relies solely on the three dimensional character of each flower. Some are trapped in domes, others balance on plinths and gently sway. Some of these sculptures are one-off where the shape of the dome decides the piece, other arrangements are repeatable but never identical. Floral structures that offer a constant bloom.


After graduating from The RCA in 1995, Isabel Dodd set up and ran a successful studio making and designing textiles for fashion and accessories, alongside working as a senior lecturer at Chelsea College of Art. The studio was renowned for its innovative textiles and unique techniques such as her neoprene printing technique and embroidery processes which both manipulated and textured the fabric. Over a fourteen-year period, the studio sold to retail outlets both nationally and internationally, as far reaching as Barneys, New York and Takashimaya, Japan. Isabel exhibited her work at various events including Chelsea Crafts Fair and Origin at Somerset House as well as at trade shows in New York and San Francisco. Passionate about flowers and fascinated by the complex forms Isabel left fabric designing behind and began to recreate the structures and shapes of individual flowers into sculptural pieces.


Crocus Dome | H. 21 cm | By Isabel Dodd

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