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Wheel-thrown porcelain, unglazed exterior, glazed interior

Each approx. h. 8.5 cm x dia. 9 cm

Dimensions do vary with each piece but each is thrown from the same weight of clay




About Johanne Coker

"Most of my work is hand thrown porcelain, with a twist put into the wall on the final pull, giving each piece its own identity."

Johanne Coker's sculptural vessels seem to ripple before you, their porcelain forms contain unique rhythms formed by skillful and intuitive wheel-throwing. Centered rotations pull the material into towering, narrow cylinders, built in section daringly added on top of each other, each slightly pushed off balance, the control of throwing completely let go just for a moment - and a well-timed moment, in which just a second could mean the difference of a final piece and collapse.


Originally trained in ceramics in Singapore with Lim Meng Khuang before a course at City Lit, London as well as part-time training with Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery. She gained a HNC in 3D Design (Ceramics) at RHACC and now works from her studio in London. Notable achievements include a 70 piece commission for Kew Gardens in support of their David Nash exhibition.



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Cups | Approx. h. 8.5 x dia. 9 cm | By Johanne Coker

PriceFrom £45.00
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