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Red earthenware, slips and glaze

H. 15.5 x dia. 10.8 cm



About Branka Stanton

"My work is predominantly one off in nature; painterly, decorative, sometimes sculptural and mostly functional. Coming to ceramics from painting, painting continues to be the prominent aspect in my ceramics. It is mostly abstract and spontaneous, aiming for freshness and vigour."


"Though I prefer to work on a larger scale as it allows me more freedom in building and brush work, small work gives me respite and space for exploration. In both I prefer simple shapes, finding them more suitable for paintings. Painting is done mostly by slips and engobes, which are left unglazed or glazed partially or wholly, depending on work. The glaze could be  transparent, coloured, matt, silky or shiny. "

"For some time my palette has been mostly monochrome, but I am now working towards introducing colour and more textural variety. I work with earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, their different properties and colours allowing me variety in slips and glazes."


"I am inspired by the vessel oriented studio ceramics and abstract painting. My work features in many private collections."


"I was born in Zagreb, Croatia and have been living and working in the UK since 1986. I have a BA in Comparative Literature and Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Ceramics from Goldsmith College London."


"Feeling unfulfilled by my academic studies and the work that followed I found respite in painting and some time later also ceramics. Drawn to both I started attending various adult education classes and upon moving to the U.K completed a Diploma in Ceramics at Goldsmith."


"After graduating from Goldsmith I started my own workshop and also worked for many years as pottery instructor in adult education and in various therapeutic settings in London. My practical work was interrupted by lengthy involvement with writing centred on what I have come to regard as the primary function of hand built ceramic containers."


Branka Stanton is an artist working in both ceramics and paint, based in St. Leonard-on-Sea.



Artist Q&A

When did you first work with clay?

B: At an adult education pottery class in Zagreb, Croatia. On the enrolment day the painting class I planned to enrol was already full when I arrived, so a pottery class was mentioned as it still had some places. I wasn’t interested but felt embarrassed to simply walk out.


So I went and to my great surprise found myself immediately struck by the  workshop: It felt so good, so well fitting, so welcoming and inviting. Needless to say I enrolled and so it started, slowly but surely.


What are you thinking about when you start making peace?

B: Mostly about the process, be it the wheel or a hand built piece. It's mostly technical at the beginning, coxing the clay into this or that shape.


Do you listen to anything as you work?

B: I used to when I was younger, Radio 4 or Classical FM or Radio 3. Not any more. I like to keep an open mind  and as much empty as I can manage, concentrating on the work at hand and being in the moment. Listening to the words and even music takes me away.


Do you plan each piece in advance or do they develop intuitively?

B:  I have a rough idea when I start, but I welcome changes and surprise, especially with slab built work. That’s why I am not that fond of the wheel work, although I like its process. Surface treatment is mostly unplanned and spontaneous.

Decorated Vase II | H. 15.5 cm | By B V Stanton

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