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*Please note, this sculpture is being represented directly from Angelica's studio in Italy and therefore all deliveries will be within 10 days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is.*





37 x 28 x 16 cm


DIVENIRE series is a research that recalls the constant flow of our existence, an

interweaving of fluid porcelain shapes, which flow and follow one another in an

alternation of black and white.


While the presence of the black and white color that testifies the dynamics of opposites.

An incessant flow like the waves of the sea in alternating between the light and the

depths of our soul, a reminder of our perpetual movement in search of balance between




About Angelica Lucchetti

Angelica Lucchetti's work is characterized by the use of porcelain:

“This material particularly fascinates me because during the manufacturing process it

reveals its dual nature, both fragile as strong at the same time”


Thanks to porcelain, Angelica investigates the profound relationship that exists between

body and soul. In the exploration of sculptural forms, the body is absent but always

implied. The aim is to listen to the depth of human nature.


The theme of emptiness is recurring and is linked to the metamorphosis of an object,

either a vase or a sculpture. The use of colors often is aimed to recall the concept of

dualism and create harmony. The choice of essential shapes and specific colors, responds to the need to convey deep emotions and thoughts:

“The abstract lines and volumes allow me to convey my message, effectively leaving the observer free to experience emotions or sensations, in the research for his own meaning.”


After studying Mechanical Engineering, having spent several years working in the

industrial sector in Italy, Angelica left the industry in 2021 to dedicate herself completely to

ceramic and teaching.


In 2018 she encountered clay for the first time. The very strong bond created with this matter led her to abandon her job as an engineer. She obtained a Diploma in Ceramics at the Ballardini Institute in Faenza.


In 2022 she opened her own ceramic studio in Fano, where she continues her artistic production and is committed to the dissemination of the art of ceramics through courses and workshops.


Angelica’s work has been exhibited in group exhibition in Milan during the 2023 Design

week and in Bosa during the International exhibition - Fratelli Melis Award.



Artist Q&A

When did you first work with clay?

A: I started working with clay in 2018. After surviving cancer I met clay and in a certain way clay helped me to re-shape and transform my life. In fact something that really drew my attention to clay is its transformation process. Starting from mud you’re completely free to build, destroy, start again, adapt. It can be a never ending process, until fire happens and a very fragile matter transforms into a tough material, still fragile but able to endure throughout centuries. 


What first drew you to your current process? 

A: What has led me to my current process is the research of  lightness and movement.

Lightness in the forms, but also for the idea of ​​a light soul that inhabits and pervades the material. Fluid, evanescent forms made up of a material strongly linked to the earth.


Do you plan each piece in advance or do they develop intuitively? 

A: The idea usually starts intuitively, then I start drawing to research the shape that can best identify with my concept. However my drawings are very essential as my sculptures. 

My sculptures aim is to transmit a sense of movement and transformation, and usually the shape are feminine, soft and pure.The theme of emptiness is recurrent in my work and is linked to that of the metamorphosis of an object, it can be a vase or a sculpture, to recall a dualism and create harmony with the use of color.


The choice of essential shapes and precise colors, responds to the need to collect and tell through them, deep emotions and thoughts.


How important is the material itself to your work? 

A: The material choice is very important to me. I work with porcelain. This material fascinates me particularly because during the manufacturing process it reveals its dual nature, both fragile and strong at the same time.


How do you decide when a form works? What are you looking for in a final piece? 

A: Harmony, when I feel that I’ve achieved harmony, that’s the moment I decide to stop.


How important is tactility to your work? 

A: Tactility is very important to me, because I think it’s one of the main reasons I work with porcelain. The sensations that porcelain conveys to me during processing are unique to me,No other material can transmit them to me.

Divenire II | H. 37 cm | By Angelica Lucchetti

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