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H. 9 x w. 38 cm


"I am exploring drawing onto slip cast forms directly from my sketchbooks, which have always been a crucial part of my practice as an artist. I am looking for a layered and painterly approach with a simplicity of form to reference classical forms of vessel. Mark making is influenced by the painting Haboku-Sansui by Sesshu Toyo (1420-1506) which I saw many years ago in Tokyo."



About Julie Zeldin

"I am interested in how we read images and text.  I use materials to process the experience of reading and looking.  My work documents the poetry, novels and stories of all kinds which are the lens through which I see life. Words that have stayed with me are always present in my work although they sometimes remain silent."


"My work enables me to express my internal discord between balance and chaos. I can speak about the fragility and complexity of life which I have often seen written so beautifully."


Drawing is key to my practice, and informs how my collaged pieces unfold. My response to what happens during the first firings informs how each piece is completed."


"I use different methods to make work; mould making, slip casting, saggar firing, breaking and selecting. Marks are made with brushes, glazes applied with my fingers or slip trailers. I use oxide washes, stains and glaze. I glue things together, and take them apart, I deconstruct to re construct."


"The balance of activity and stillness interests me. It feels like drawing in space."


Born in 1969, Julie Zeldin is a London-based ceramic artist. She completed a Portfolio Course at City Lit, London, in 2020 followed by a Diploma Course in 2023 with a highly commended A. 

Drawing in the form of a bowl | W. 38 cm | By Julie Zeldin