Dwelling | By Kim Norton

Dwelling | By Kim Norton


Black Clay on Porcelain Slab

H. 29 x L. 16 x W. 10 cm



About Kim Norton

"I am a trained ceramicist but increasingly I find that I am not rooted within ceramics. Mypractice more frequently encompasses other materials, while adhering to my core focuson process, space, geology and environment. Collaboration is pivotal to my practice because it fosters new conversations and working methodologies. A large part of my interdisciplinary practice involves project led work, working site-specifically, exploring scale and making work that focuses on how we interact with spaces and the impact these works have on the human senses. Making and contemporary craft processes underpin this. Conscious of the consumption of materials and resources, I approach each project in aconsidered manner, by questioning how materials are used, where they are sourced and the permanence or impermanence of the resulting objects or installations. I sometimes rework existing works. I often use material from the site's locality and in some cases use them in their raw state – this can include soils, plant materials, coal, chalk and pigments - to drawattention to their historical and geological significance. This process often includes anarrative around place or a reimagining of the nuances that can be regarded asunimportant or ordinary."



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