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Stoneware, unglazed

H. 13 x w. 29 x d. 29 cm



About Kim-Lou Monnier

"My work explores ceramics as autonomous objects of quietness. The duality of concepts such as complexity and minimalism, decoration and brutalism, organic and boolean. It also echoes my education as an architect, building volumes in space, giving them a function, a meaning and making their experience unique."


"The volumes I work with question our capacities as humans to shape the world around us, to align things, mold materials that don’t have internal structure, and organise the world as we wish. They claim their autonomy, uniqueness, their presence in space by the very boolean forms they evoke and the peculiar way the light reveals them in space. This strong identity of shape is counterbalanced by the lightness of the piece, careful proportions, that gives it an delicate complexity."


"The decorations are made with techniques that acknowledge a part of chaos, a repetitive technique with such as nerikomi, or patterns on the wheel that the shaping process alter, because no matter how much we order chaos, there are here and there, overlapping, deformations, or happy accidents that reflect our human nature. Spiritual objects, wether religious, witchcraft or superstition, inspire me in the way that they are vessels of emotions, of respect that transcend the human world."


Kim-Lou Monnier is a french artist of vietnamese descent living in Paris. Architect by education, she discovered the world of ceramics in Barcelona. Self taught in the field, she navigates the discipline with a contemporary eye while paying her respects to a millenar-old craftmanship.

Echo | 29 x 29 cm | By Kim-Lou Monnier