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*Please note, this artwork is being represented directly from Vânia's studio in Portugal and therefore deliveries to all addresses are stated as 10 working days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is. If you would like to check on delivery timings or would like help finding out about import tax, don't hesitate to get in touch.*




Stoneware and porcelain, unglazed

H. 27 x w. 23.5 cm


"This piece is from the series Echo, thoughts reverberating in my mind. The marbled porcelain lines twirl and fade like distant conversations, all ears but not listening."



About Vânia Gonçalves

Vânia Gonçalves was born in Lisbon in 1978 where she lives and works. She graduated in dentistry, which she practised for 13 years in London, but soon realized her desire to do something artistic. After attending several experimental ceramics workshops in London, and returning to Portugal, she enrolled in the Ceramics course at Ar.Co. art school (Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual) in Lisbon. She has since set up a studio at home where she works.


Vânia Gonçalves’ ceramics are sculptural objects through which she explores fragility, lightness, and movement. The sculptures explore themes of self-discovery, relationships, and personal growth. 

 She enjoys creating different textures and exploring materials. The clay is sculpted carefully to enhance curves, twists, and folds, creating fluidity. By layering different glazes and clays there is more of an element of surprise when opening the kiln. This excitement is key to pushing the work forward and to keep evolving her artistic practice.



Artist Q&A

When did you first work with your chosen medium? 

V: I did my first ceramic workshop seven years ago. I worked as a dentist in London and had had several burnouts. I was exhausted and wanted to do something creative that had nothing to do with work. I always liked sculpture, and ceramics was a medium that felt less daunting and more welcoming to people with no artistic background. I then decided to join a community studio and eventually did a ceramics course at an art school in Portugal.


What first drew you to your current process? 

V: I want the pieces to have a sense of lightness and movement.  I build with thin slabs or sculpt from a block of clay to achieve pronounced curves and well-defined shapes. What I find the most satisfying is this reduction, the removal of clay to define the shape.


Do you listen to anything as you work? 

V: I enjoy making playlists for different moods, so I’m generally listening to music. Music is very inspiring to me and has been a great source of ideas for pieces.


Do you plan each piece in advance, or do they develop intuitively? 

V: I have an idea of what I want to achieve and images that I draw inspiration from, but I let the process take over, and build mostly intuitively.  

Echo #7: I don't always listen | H. 27.5 cm | By Vânia Gonçalves

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