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Gas fired white stoneware, celadon glaze and iron wash stroke

H 6.2 x w. 6.1 x d. 8.3 cm

Vol. 130ml


A hand thrown and turned mug with applied handle. Made from white stoneware clay and coated in celadon glaze with an iron wash detail on the front and rear, then gas reduction fired up to ~1280°C for around 12 hours. The iron wash details take on a wonderful iridescent surface.



About David Stonehouse

"My practice is informed by the inherent beauty of materials, a sense of place and innovative art and design, and is defined by an evolving personal aesthetic rooted in artisanal craftsmanship. There are two strands to my ceramics: domestic ware, which seeks to enhance the pleasure in everyday rituals, and one-off decorative and sculptural vessels, which I use as conceptual vehicles for exploring ideas."

"My pieces are the product of an ongoing exploration of the relationship between form and surface, and function and detailing. Through my wheel-thrown vessels I’m looking to create objects that draw the user in to look closer and savour