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Set with bottle and 2 cups

H. 10 cm X w. 21 cm X d. 6.5 cm



About Sassirika Lam

Born in the UK of Hong Kong Chinese descent, Sassirika Lam grew up imbued with the culture of both east and west. This has influenced her outlook on life and her creative expression. Sassirika had a career as a professional dancer, is a Buddhist, and is now a ceramicist. The choices she has made reveal her fascination with consciousness in various forms: of the physicality of the body, of the mystery of life, and of the experience of not being quite this or that.


Sassirika makes work in porcelain and stoneware. She loves how porcelain can capture a sense of refinement, harmony, and purity. Stoneware channels her need and love of earthiness and honesty, through more spontaneous creation. Pieces are wheel-thrown or hand-built depending on what is being expressed. Sassirika makes her own glazes and any decoration is often intuitive and simple like a splash. She focuses on bringing these yin (inward) and yang (outward) qualities to domestic items, things to be used every day in a way that makes the user more aware through ritual and beauty.

Fluid Selves Sake Set Oribe | H. 10 cm | By Sassirika Lam

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