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Stoneware & porcelain

H. 9 x dia. 6.5 cm


"My Free Love tumblers are part of an ongoing series of variously shaped vessels with figures, faces and layers of surface history. Playful women, sporting some fabulous hair and bright breasts, are reaching around the tumbler to hold hands."


"As with all of my work, these pieces were made without a plan. Turning my vessels in my hands and on a banding wheel, I’m creating three dimensional paintings, developing them in the moment, one mark informing the next, with color, shape and line coalescing to a whole. This improvisational, instinctive approach comes from my background in both photography and painting: I bring to my clay work my love of creating and capturing moments, and building images layer by layer. I'm looking for compositions with movement and balance, whimsy and raw beauty."



About Marcie Jan Bronstein

"I’ve been a full-time studio artist, exhibiting, publishing, creating work for more than thirty years. I went to art schools, studied painting, sculpture, photography and film, then lived in big cities and small towns in different parts of the world."


"My studies and travels influenced my work but underneath of the art and the training is a never-ending hunger for creating that was incubated in my childhood. I spent a lot of time alone in the suburbs, in a home without art or books. I wasn’t lonely: I lived in my imagination, rode my bicycle, and of course, watched a lot of television. This was the 70’s in suburban America. I was a latch-key child of divorced parents, and one thing that had a profound influence on me was a game my father created for me and my sister. He would pick us up on weekends so we could spend time together. Outside, in front of his apartment, we would each pick a direction in which to walk. Our task was to find something, anything, and then meet back in the middle to tell a story about it. A small plastic cap was a swimming pool for a miniature family. A twisty piece of metal was a key which opened the door to another universe. This was the highlight of my weekend. It transported me to a place of pure possibility, where things were what we imagined them to be. I am certain that my art-making practice grew directly from this exercise. It taught me about metaphor and it sharpened my focus for intricate visual nuances. I tasted a special kind of freedom and power, where I was curator, director, and storyteller: I knew then that I would spend my life with art and other artists. What I didn’t know, but now fully understand, is that this time with my father cultivated not only my love for the visual arts, but perhaps most importantly, the ease and joy I’ve always felt while making art, alone in my studio. (With music, of course, and most often a soundtrack of favorite Italian singer/songwriters.)"


"My interest is in making ceramics that can be held by human hands, works that are both sculptural and potentially useful. I love making vessels. I love making sensual, tactile work that creates intimacy, where marks of making are visible. I hope that my work is fun to look at, and that it’s be reached for, to be turned and to be held."

Free Love 4a | H. 9 cm | By Marcie Jan Bronstein

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