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Bio resin, sand & charcoal

H. 27 x dia. 6 cm (at widest point)



About July Studio

July Studio founder Laura Olson, an American artist based in London, moved from the USA to the UK at 19 to pursue a career in fashion. However, quickly realising the industry's harmful environmental impact, she shifted her creative talents towards sustinable design.


During her studies, she frequently experimented with material design; striving to redefine the conventional applications of bio -resin with earth-derived dyes and pigments as well as organic waste material such as egg shells, used coffee groups and expired herbs and teas.


The end result produces highly considered & eco-conscious home decor, art, and sculptures. Her aim in each work is to breathe new life into discarded masterials and create pieces that bring the natural beauty of the earth's elemeents into the home.

Glitch Vase | H. 27 cm | By July Studio

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