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Ground (Large Bowl) by Simon Kidd

From series 'Sliabh Dónairt'

Wheel-thrown porcelain with addition of granite from Sliabh Dónairt, glazed interior

H. 23 x dia. 24 cm



About the Artist

'My practice is deeply influenced by my childhood in Northern Ireland. Growing up at the end of a conflict and in a country where peace was relatively new, my memories are filled with images of the beautiful country I was surrounded by, bomb scares and overhead helicopters are merely a distant memory. I strive to create work which reflects my home, pieces which evoke a sense of what it means to be Northern Irish. Pieces which are symbolic of both the country as well as its complex past.'

Simon Kidd's practice is focused on creating functional ceramic objects which explore human experiences and specific locations. His series 'Sliabh Dónairt' (the tallest point in Northern Ireland) & 'Dregish' (a raised bog in County Tyrone) feature slip-cast and wheel-thrown ceramics that are made in response to these landscapes and the history that has created them.



About ‘Ground' from Silabh Dónairt series

Thrown porcelain with an addition of granite from Sliabh Dónairt.


The area surrounding the abandoned quarries on the side of the mountain is littered with discarded scraps of granite. These unwanted, wasted pieces of granite have been collected and calcined to 750 degrees before being ground by hand with a pestle and mortar and then sieved and mixed into a porcelain body.


These pieces explore this location, themes of waste, land, material.


The process of collecting the granite from the mountain face before grinding it, wedging it into the porcelain, and throwing it, is of so much importance. The time and energy consumption to create something which holds an authenticity of location - the land itself embedded into an object. The granite itself is mainly made up of quartz, feldspar, and mica, materials which melt and change the object. Creating a textured exterior as the granite melts and beads on the surface, and bleeds of iron through the interior as the mica melts into the glaze, a creation of an impurities. These pieces are bowls - objects which are destined to hold something, to share food amongst us, something we all need. Much like how we all need our home land, the place which gives us our identity is the land beneath us - but it is also what we have fought over for years, and what will we no doubt fight over for eternity.



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Ground (Large Bowl) - left | By Simon Kidd

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