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Porcelain & earthenware, layered slips & glazes

H. 20.5 x w. 20 x d. 19 cm



About Diane Griffin

"My ceramic sculptures are inspired by our human experience, and how we connect with each other and the world around us through rituals and ceremonies. I first became interested in our use of rituals during a trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1985. I was fascinated to watch as people prayed and left messages as a way to feel a sense of connection to each other, their spiritual selves and a higher power."


"Religions and cultures across the world have used the elements of the natural world in ceremonies and rituals for millennia and it is this connection that continues to inspire my work all these years later. We rely on nature for our existence, our physical and mental wellbeing.  Humans and nature, we are essentially as one.  My work focuses on the blurring of this boundary.  Organic earthy forms combine with elements more ordered and refined.  Repeated layers merging and emerging trace the connection and importance of our precious relationship with Mother Earth."


Born and raised in London, Diane graduated with Ceramics B.A.Hons in 1988 and has worked in ceramics ever since.  She has many years of teaching experience but committed full time to her artistic practice in 2015 and works from her studio in Northamptonshire.


“It was during my foundation course in the 1980’s that I fell in love with clay.  It lit me up, and my life long passion began.  Initially I was drawn to how immediate, tactile and responsive it was, but it was during my degree at Farnham that I discovered how truly versatile clay is as a creative medium for artistic expression.  It still excites me as there are so many possibilities and different methods to explore, with a rich cultural history to look back on and learn from.”


Some of Diane’s earliest memories are of the connection she felt with drawing, painting and creating, but it was during her time at Farnham (now UCA), studying for her ceramics degree that her passion for working in clay became deep-rooted.


Diane moved from London to North Yorkshire where she continued her work with clay and began teaching ceramics while also raising her children. In 2007 she moved to Towcester in Northamptonshire where she set up a much larger studio which has enabled her to expand and develop her practice.


Diane has taken part in many shows and exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at London Art Fair and Collect International Art Fair.  These experiences have enabled her to meet and connect with new collectors and audiences worldwide. 


Diane continues to develop her practice and her unique visual language in ceramics and has recently been awarded Selected Membership of CPA and is also now included as a Master Artisan in the Homofaber Guide.

Grounded Unity | H. 20.5 cm | By Diane Griffin

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