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Pressed plant material and Manila hemp paper encapsulation.

Approx. 2400 x 900mm in total



About the Artist

MR Studio London are an artist/designer duo formed of Mike Pollard and Rika Yamasaki.


‘The things we create as MR Studio London are an extension of ideas that relate to our work as artists over the years and has naturally developed out of our current home and surroundings in London.


‘Before starting MR Studio London we both had a background in Fine Art and worked separately across different fields, exploring photography, sculpture, drawing and installation. Rika’s work as an artist connected to ideas of femininity & subjectivity; using the female form as well as elements of fairytales- in their often natural and idealistic woodland settings- to explore an idea of fantasy or female stereotype. Mike had a more sculptural background in his work with a love for exploring pure/natural materials such as wood, chalk and clay- using process/repetition to find beauty within the isolation of small and simple elements. As we began to work together collaboratively we found there was space for a coupling of both our passions and interests the more we worked directly in the environment.


‘Our work now generally comes from closely watching and interacting with nature as it subtly changes and grows in the area around our home. Selecting and rearranging elements of flowers/foliage that we find, playing with scale and combinations, the work we create becomes a documentation of place and time as well as a poetic way to work with the landscape. We love especially to find inspiration or materials in unexpected cracks and corners- like flowers growing out of crumbling walls or bits of the forest creeping into neglected alleyways. It feels really rewarding to turn something that would be mostly overlooked into something beautiful that can be kept and cherished.



Delivery Options

Delivery to Mainland UK via specialist art courier.

International delivery within 7 working days.



30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund for any returns within 30 days from purchase.

Untitled Haze (4 Panels) | By MR Studio London

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