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White fleck stoneware with hand painted pattern sprayed with a transparent matte glaze

H. 31 x w. 21 x d. 12 cm



From the 'Hoop Collection'

"I have always been inspired by a mix of cultural influences, especially by textiles and crafts from Africa, Latin America and Asia where I used to develop collections for fashion designers."


"This specific collection was inspired from a silver bangle, ellipse shaped on the outside and round on the inside, that my grandmother found while living in Central America. In Indian culture bangles are not just write ornaments; they symbolize femininity, health and prosperity. Hoops as a circle represent strength, unity, infinity and wholeness."


"In this collection, many of the hoops can be interchanged or positioned in different places, and in different orders to create interactions between the forms and motifs. Taking them apart and hanging them in a different way provide a tactile experience as well as a decorative and creative liberty."



About Karine Hilaire

"My work blends freehand patterns with sensual forms to achieve bold and playful vessels."