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Hand-built porcelain with underglaze and gold luster

H. 14 cm x w. 27 cm x d. 16 cm



About Eleanor Meredith

Eleanor Meredith's work is playful, preoccupied with depicting form with minimal gesture and a lightness with colour. Surprise is integral to the way that she makes, responding to forms and shapes that have been made, trying to solve a problem. She approaches generating new work in ways which facilitate unexpected outcomes and humour by playing with proportions and animal relationships.


Eleanor is a London-based artist whose work crosses the artistic disciplines of painting, animation and ceramics. She has exhibited her work at National Media Museum, Rochelle School, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Tramway Glasgow, Oval Space. And, has created work for clients as diverse as Southbank Centre, BBC, Thames and Hudson, Hotel Bloom, and the Scottish Government. She teaches part time and delivers workshops for adults and children.

How are the kids? | H. 14 cm | By Eleanor Meredith

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