HowDoesItStartWhereDoesItEnd 2 | By Shilpa Agashe

HowDoesItStartWhereDoesItEnd 2 | By Shilpa Agashe


Pen and Ink on Paper (unframed)

W. 21 x H. 29.7 cm



About Shilpa Agashe

As an engineer in the workplace, one usually solves for a required outcome. As an artist, I enjoy not solving for a predetermined outcome but allowing the creative process to guide me. These two different lines of thought co-exist in my head and the push and pull between them is what drives my creative process.


I started these drawings during the first COVID lockdown in England, in March 2020. Life, as we knew it, changed almost overnight and there was an overarching sense of being unable to process everything that was happening and the consequences. What was happening, how did it start and how was it going to end?

Drawing was a way to work through this tangle of thoughts and emotions.
The repetitive, intertwined lines and the forms in these drawings allude to this headspace.



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