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Wheel-thrown and hand-sculpted porcelain, unglazed

H. 8 x dia. 6.5 cm



About Judith Devons

Judith Devons is a printmaker, painter and ceramicist, exhibiting in galleries and community venues in the UK, USA, Italy, and China. She leads workshops for adults and children at all ability levels in community venues and in her home studio.


During covid, when people could not hug one another, she started a series of ceramic vessels that symbolised emotions withheld in lockdown. The five porcelain vessels exhibited here are part of her large series of ‘hugging pots’ - all unique in form, colour and texture. They are small, humanised vessels that explore potential withheld and nurtured in lockdown, and now released to offer new life and potential.

Hugging Pot: Filled with Potential | H. 8 cm | By Judith Devons

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