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Cobalt print on stoneware

H. 1.5 x dia. 15.5 cm



About Tatiana Baskakova

Tatiana Baskakova uses ceramics, print, and performance to explore identity, embodiment, societal norms and practices. She is invested in making as a process and a site of becoming, the balance between gaining or losing control over media and its relationship to the audience. Rhythm of making, language and physicality of life in day-to-day existence are consistently defining, and set direction of her recent wide-ranging ceramics study: cobalt prints on stoneware clay body.


Tatiana is a Russia-born British artist based in London, UK. She gained her BA (Art Practice) in 2010 and MA (Art and Politics) in 2012 in Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a co-founder and a director of Ceramics Studio Co-op since 2014, and was an award judge in ceramics for Koestler Arts for four years. She showed her works internationally both in grassroots and institutional spaces, and more recently works with focus on clay and print practice in her London studio.



Artist Q&A

When did you first work with clay?

T: I work with clay and in ceramics since 2014, and for a long time the focus of my work was in learning the process, understanding complexity of the media and its possibilities. I made sculptures of everyday objects, learnt to how to make pottery and experimented with wild clays. In the last several years print on clay became my focus, as I am finding new ways of integrating my image-based pre-clay practice into my current thinking.


How important is the material itself to your work?

T: Clay and ceramics process in an organising order in what I am doing. Timing, moisture level of clay pieces, consistency of the cobalt-based ink, all the variables affect the success of each print, and each piece. I enjoy the thrill, delicacy, and the complexity of this process, and the total presence it demands of me. It also allows me to reproduce images I couldn’t imagine being on clay before, which gives me an opportunity to honour ideas that started as ephemeral, passing thoughts. I usually print drawings, photocopy collages, bits of text or social media posts.


Can you tell us more about the work featured in our Winter Exhibition

T: ICU Child was printed from a drawing I made in 2020, during the first COVID-19 lockdown. As capacity to interact with the world diminished, I started to draw images from twitter and Facebook feeds. I drew images of my friends, their children, adverts, and anything that would catch my eye. The drawing used for the print was made in this way, as a notebook sketch. I started to print drawings from my COVID notebooks on stoneware pieces about a year after, testing lithography technique I am working with now.

ICU Child | Dia. 15.5 cm | By Tatiana Baskakova

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