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Paperclay, porcelain slip, multiple glazes.

H 12 cm at tallest point, dia. 8 cm at widest point


"My current work has developed via a process of synthesising disparate interests and came together during a short artists residency at Linkshouse, Orkney in April 2023. Exploring the intertidal zone of Birsay Bay, investigating the Norse and Neolithic past of the islands ( there are over 70 in the archipelago!) alongside genealogical research into my Orkney ancestors and their migratory journeys all fed into the current peices. Littoral tones and textures, geographies lost and mourned, migration commemoration,  the poetics, specificities and hardships of island existences all feature."



About Bex Shaw

Bex Shaw started learning to throw in 2015 with local evening classes. Like many ceramic artists she's had a circuitous route to clay having studied textiles at art school originally as well as working as a psychotherapist. Current ceramic work is mostly handbuilt and combines her interests in the intertidal zone, ancestral histories and Orkney.


"Like many of us I remember the experience of handling clay at school aged about 9.  Curiously I have always remembered the haptic satisfaction of creating that irregular pebble shaped paperweight that perfectly fit the shape of my hand and despite a circuitous journey  back to clay I still make with this sensation at the heart of my process."

Imagining Orkney I | H. 12 cm | By Bex Shaw

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