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H. 32 x w. 33 cm



About Melina Xenaki

"Inspired by ancient artefacts and folk art found in the region of the Mediterranean, from Bronze Age Cypriot ritualistic pots to 19th century traditional Cretan embroideries, I destine my pieces to carry patterns, animals and plants, realizing a dialogue of earth, fire and living things of our Great Sea across millennia."


"Trained to deliver high end craftsmanship in the lines of British studio pottery, my commitment to excel in technical skill is as strong as my desire to instil the narrative and beauty of the treasures of my cultural heritage into my work."


Melina Xenaki is a London/Athens based ceramics artist. After completing her BA with first class in Ceramics & Glass (UCA, Farnham) the maker moved to London to complete her two year Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art (2012-2014). Since her graduation she has been a full-time ceramics artist, she has exhibited in many ceramics fairs across the UK and founded the first ever biannual ceramics fair in Athens.


She has collaborated with architecture practices to create unique ceramic objects and installations responding to the peculiarities of each site such as private villas, hotels and restaurants including a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Athens and an award winning restaurant in Washington DC. She has created exclusive collections for the shops of the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture in Athens and the British Museum in London.

Koumna | H. 32 cm | By Melina Xenaki

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