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*Please note, this vessel is being represented directly from Amrita's studio in the Netherlands and therefore both UK and international deliveries will be within 10 days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is.*




Wheel-thrown porcelain, finished with kurinuki technique

Cyanotype techniek on bisque

Fired in an electric kiln at 900oC

H. 31 x dia. 12.5 cm

From the series "Growing in Silence"



About Amrita Karunaratne

Born in Sri-Lanka, Amrita Karunaratne graduated from the National Collage of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland in 1991.

She was inspired by ancient Greek and Roman pottery and went in search of finding ways to use terrasigillata in a contemporary way. After refining and experimenting she managed to find a simple way of using terrasigillata and sagger firing in an electric kiln. In short: an age- old process in a contemporary way.

Amrita Karunaratne’s work finds its strength in the natural look of it. Her work is thrown into simple forms and does not have a glaze layer. She does not want to take away the simplicity and vulnerability of clay as a material so no chemicals are used during the firing.

A few years ago Amrita started working with porcelain and became fascinated by a blue color obtained by exposure to sunlight. After two years of experimenting, she found the blue she was searching for; a deep cyan. This color needs a lot of precision and attention to obtain. The “Growing in Silence” series was born; the pieces never seem to stop their subtle transformation of color.


Since 1997, Amrita lives and works in the city Hoorn, The Netherlands.

Kurinuki Blue | H. 31 cm | By Amrita Karunaratne

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