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Wild clay from Lago d’Orta


Fired in oxidation at 1220°C

⌀ 30 cm, h 29 cm


The clay for this vase was foraged from a big deposit of clay south of Lago d’Orta, where different types of clays and kaolin have been mined for centuries. 

This clay is mottled, heavily grogged and highly plastic. For this vase, it was left completely unprocessed to retain the natural pattern of the soil as found in nature. 

The vessel was handbuilt and fired in an electric kiln.



About Unurgent Argilla

Nina Salsotto Cassina is an Italian ceramicist. In 2019 she founded Unurgent Argilla, focusing on material research of non-industrial wild materials. Unurgent Argilla is a vocabulary of wild materials, a study of what’s around us, repeated on spherical vessels, which she uses as a canvas to convey a spatial narrative. The final vases function as both signposts and autobiographical archival memories. 


She is currently focusing her research on foraging high fire clays from Italy and France, mainly in the Alps.





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Lago d'Orta 1 | H. 30 cm | By Unurgent Argilla

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