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H. 21 x w. 13 x d. 13 cm



About Katie Iacovou

Katie Iacovou’s organic forms and vessels are very much inspired by the coastal landscape and she's particularly motivated by the textures that nature provides. The rugged craggy cliff tops, fissures, and big caves that go deep into the abyss are a constant source of inspiration. 


Katie regularly visits the Cornish coastline and on her many walks she observes an abundance of interesting surfaces, such as barnacles, black encrusted rock formations with rough uneven surfaces. Katie takes these observations and interprets them into her work in an abstract way, picking elements that will give her an interesting finish, often experimenting by layering glazes to achieve attractive results.


Katie’s work is often described as sculptural and are unique one-off pieces. All of the work is predominantly made with stoneware clay, using a combination of glazes. Various methods are used such as coiling. All pieces are high fired at 1260. 


Katie is originally from London and has lived there most of her life. After her school years she completed a two year BTEC course in Art & Design, focusing purely on ceramics in her final year. It is here where she found her love for clay which took her to the next part of her journey, to Cornwall, where she completed a BA (Hons) Studio Ceramics course at Falmouth College of Arts. 
After graduating, Katie naturally returned home to the city and started working full time. Due to family commitments, she spent the next 15 years working for various packaging design agencies, Advertising and Architect companies and had a long break from making but her passion for ceramics always remained. It wasn't until 2018 that Katie decided to set up her own pottery studio, and is now happily making again in her London garden home. 

Landscape Vessel | H. 21 cm | By Katie Iacovou

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