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Photography by Sylvain Deleu



Stoneware & porcelain

H. 33 x w. 20 x d. 26 cm



About Harriet Hellman

"I am a process-led ceramic artist working in response to environment and landscape. My work records my interactions with unfired clay in the seascape while trying to capture thought, place, space and time. My connection with the Atlantic coast comes from a visceral, emotional bond to the wildness of the Atlantic sea. The coastline is worn, torn, and scarred from the rawness of the elements and this process is reflected in my connection to clay which I layer, fold, and tear. My work is made on location while responding with immediacy to the elemental nature of the sea and the ancient geological strata of the coastline."


"The process of engaging with clay directly in its natural environment and subsequently returning it to the sea makes me feel connected to nature. It is about surrender and letting go of the human, to a power greater than myself. I feel a deep connection with the sea and coastline, finding it exhilarating, thought-provoking, and contemplative. The creative process itself mirrors my contemplations on the longevity of humans in contrast with the vast expanse of deep geological time and the Anthropocene’s ecological challenges."


"The use of film and photography helps to record the ephemeral nature of my artistic practice in real-time, as it unfolds. Through the act of surveying, sculpting, collecting, and engaging with the inter-tidal zone, along with the subsequent documentation of the work, I can process and reflect on my creative journey when I return to my studio."


Harriet Hellman is a process-led ceramic artist working in response to environment and landscape. Having completed an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art in 2020, she has gone on to exhibit her work internationally and has been awarded ceramic residencies in Denmark, UK, Ireland and Japan. She was also shortlisted for the Sustainability First Art Prize 2021.

Limen | H. 33 cm | By Harriet Hellman

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