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Porcelain and parian

35cm h x 10cm x 7 cm


About Judy Dibaise

Judy Dibiase  is ceramic artist who is concerned with the cross fertilisation between fine art and craft. She  explores memory and the archiving memory.  Judy sees memory and trace as being the key to make sense of our own emotional terrain as well as the world we inhabit. She starts recording, through drawing, the ephemeral. The drawing itself is acts of remembrance as it is reworked and rubbed out.  These drawings are then transferred onto raw clay through direct screen-printing. Shadows and small organic forms  are often  used as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of memory. Fragmented sections make up the whole as memories themselves making us complete.


Judy Dibiase is a ceramic  artist living in London with a ceramic studio at  318 Farnham.  She studied Sculpture at Goldsmiths college prior to completing an MA at UCA Farnham.


She has recently exhibited at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle and  has had a drawing longlisted for the international Trinty Bouy Wharf  (previously known as the Jerwood drawing prize) 2020.

She has work in private and public collections Internationally and nationally. 



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Lockdown Walks Daily Record | By Judy Dibaise

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