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Ceramic and steel

H. 31 x w. 31 x d. 6 cm



From the collection: Nollini

"Nollini work as both wall pieces and standing sculptures. Comprised of groups of carved ceramic bricks on a welded steel backing plate. Each individual brick measures 7x7cm and is 5cm high. Inspired by Giambattista Nolli’s city maps, Nollini are reminiscent of empty swimming pools and archaeological digs of ancient cities; they reference bricks, blueprints and typeset printing blocks."


"The collection plays with scale, texture and pattern. It suggests movement through solid and void, positive and negative imprints and forgotten spaces. Starting by making solid bricks, I paint them with contrasting white liquid clay, I draw into the surface and then carve each one, adding texture and patterns as I work into each piece."



About Nina Gerada

Nina Gerada’s sculptures play with scale, pattern and positive and negative space. She merges figurative and architectural motifs, exploring the interconnectedness between buildings, communities and people. Having left her homeland in her teens, Gerada’s work combines memory with elements of language to examine the postcolonial and migrant experience.


Her neurodivergence draws Gerada to repetitive processes, pattern finding and a tendency to make connections across varied scales. Her process involves carving and tearing clay, exposing fault lines, embedding it with the imprints of tools and often combining it with raw, rusty metals. Working in multiples, she reconfigures the separate elements to create patterns, searching for balance and movement. Reminiscent of maps, empty swimming pools and archaeological digs of ancient cities; her pieces reference bricks, blueprints and typeset printing blocks. More recent works are intentionally cracked in the kiln, symbolic of weathered buildings and ageing skin. They allude to an acceptance of imperfection, unpredictability and change.