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Industrial paint on wooden board, framed

Framed dimensions: H. 32 x w. 40 cm



About the Tree Painting collection:

"As an artist, I immerse myself in the ethereal beauty of nature, finding solace and inspiration within the ancient woods. With each stroke of my brush, in vibrant hues of Gouache, I paint trees that stand tall amidst the unpredictable chaos of life. To me, these woods symbolise the duality of existence, where life and death intermingle seamlessly."


"Through my art, I explore the profound metaphor of finding order in chaos. The timeless wisdom and resilience of trees teach us to embrace the ebb and flow of nature's cycle, reminding us that even in the face of impermanence, harmony can be found."



About Beverley Isaacs

"I am a London born artist making figurative expressionist paintings from life. Using a variety of mark making techniques and rapid brush strokes - my aim is  to express the movement and lyrical quality of my subjects."


"My fascination in capturing movement stems from the belief that everything we encounter  around us  has a vibrational energy,  and has  therefore always been the driving force behind my work. In this respect I began the first 10 years of my career making short stop-frame animation films, before venturing to Mexico to develop my work  as a painter between 2005-11.  In Mexico I settled in Oaxaca and began selling my paintings in the street,  which resulted in  a solo exhibition “Momentos Musicales” at the “Museo del Palacio” in Oaxaca City."


"Since returning to London  I've  shown in several group and solo exhibitions, shortlisted twice for NOA (2014 and 2016) , exhibited at The 83rd London Group Open (2017), Selected for The WAC Awards 2018 (Wells Art Contemporary).  I took part in the Venice Biennale 2019, Exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019, and awarded a New English Artist Club drawing scholarship (2018-19), culminating in The NEAC Annual exhibition 2019 at The Mall Galleries. I was also selected as an open participant in their 2020 Annual exhibition."


"My current studio (since 2019) is based in High Barnet, North London. Previously I lived and worked in Mornington Crescent in the studio next door to Frank Auerbach where we enjoyed many interesting conversations about art and life, on the doorstep or when putting out the rubbish; which had a profound impact on my experience as an artist."



Artist Q&A

What was your first artistic experience?

B: My first experience was at age 10 when I entered an art competition at school, but did not win because I forgot to sign the work, therefore  the judges did not believe that I had painted it.  Since then, I always sign my work!


Where did your relationship with art begin?

B: As I had always been interested in movement, I began my career as an animator for 10 years after leaving Camberwell Art College in 1994. In 2004 I was finally inspired  to realise my true ambition as a fine art painter after a trip to Mexico. I then moved to Oaxaca in Mexico  for 6 years (2006-2011) where I was  inspired by the light and surrealist culture to develop  my painting  and had two solo  exhibitions. 


When did you first work with industrial paints?

B: I do not necessarily stick to one medium, as experimentation of materials is fundamentally part of my practice.  However my  most recent  series  named “Never Mind the Pollocks” which began in 2015 started when  I was testing an old pot of paint that had been lingering in my studio for decades…at which point the paint manufacturer had ceased to exist ! 


I was experimenting with  (figurative ) action painting while testing the viscosity of the paint  and liked the effect. As this particular  paint was no longer available ,  I spent several months researching different mediums that would give similar and new effects.  In 2016 I returned to Mexico  for 4 months (where I had previously lived  2005-2011) to continue this  series, during which I found alternative industrial paints that perfectly suited the production and theme of this  series  as well as having the chance to perfect  my techniques in this medium.


How does the location of your studio come into your work?

B: In  late 2019 I moved from my studio in Camden  to my current   studio  in High Barnet on the edge of London  6 months before the pandemic hit.  The studio is located very  close to ancient woodland “Hadley Woods” . During this period I continued to utilise the above techniques (which I describe as figurative expressionist / action painting) and  inspired by the nature around me, began to move into the  theme of trees.  


As my work is about capturing the etherial in energy and movement, I am fascinated to capture  the peaceful feeling and effect of the seasons experienced when walking through woodland.


I often go into the woods to make studies in Plein Aire (see gouache paintings ‘Explosion’ and ‘Autumn Dusk’), as well as  the use of photography to  inspire the production of larger paintings in my studio.


Which artist/artists do you admire most?

B: Many artists have influenced me over my life: Toulouse L’Autrec, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, Helen Frankenthaler , Jackson Pollock, Monet, Dufy to name but a few.


What’s been your biggest achievement in your artistic career so far?

B: Exhibiting at the London Group open 2018, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019, New English Art Club Annual exhibition 2019 and 2020,  Wells Art Contemporary Awards 2018, group show at the Venice Biennale 2019, two solo shows in Mexico and of course exhibiting with Thrown Contemporary Art Gallery  in London 2018 !

Memories of Blossom #2 | 32 x 40 cm | By Beverley Isaacs

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