'The Endless Triptych' by Bisila Noha




Thrown and marbled stoneware

H. 26 cm



About the Artist

‘The Brumas (Haze) collection was born of a desire to free my practice from the act of doing and to embrace

a state of being.’


‘As a maker, I was for some time heavily influenced by a worldview insisting upon productivity and functionality: my early pieces all served as multifunctional metaphors of the human being as human ‘doer’. It took me some time to appreciate the value of - and to begin creating - decorative pieces such as these, a

value that lies in the pleasure derived from tone and form.’


‘Each piece in the Brumas collection is powerful in its own right. However I find the triptych to be the best format for rounded storytelling, conveying the power of the storm and the motion of the skies.’


‘A shift from 2D to 3D sees gravity operate in an entirely different way. There are many more subtleties and surprises. The paths to take and tales to tell are endless, their power to communicate and to move the admirer limitless.’


‘I was born in Spain and after having lived in many different countries, I moved to London in 2013, looking for the place where I could give full rein to the creativity I could feel inside me waiting to be explored. I took up pottery when I arrived in London and in this craft I have found a realm where I can bring all my passions together, explore, be playful and creative.’


‘I am interested in making things that tell a story. Projects that push me to improve my skills and research, not only when it comes to clay and pottery, but also to culture, history, traditions and the way we look at ceramics and art in general.’ Bisila Noha, 2019



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(Middle) The Endless Triptych Vase | By Bisila Noha


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