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H. 20 x w. 30 x d. 15 cm



About Imogen TaylorNoble

"Drawing with clay, painting with fire."


"My work is process led and based in material practice.  I am interested in the extremes of the materials I work with: clay and fire. I aim for the essential qualities of plastic clay and extreme heat of the kiln to remain visible in the finished piece. I use atmospheric firings with organic materials to provide surface narrative."


"Nature and ecology have remained underlying themes for my work and inform my interest in using place specific materials. I use foraged clays both as a decorative slip and an addition to the clay body and wood ash from the kiln firings as a glaze ingredient. Being connected to the materials at this level allows me to get to know them and to notice and work with their particular qualities."


"In an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of the objects I make, and after many years firing pieces in a gas kiln, I have made the decision to stop using fossil fuels in my practice. My work is now fired in a wood fired Train Kiln which I have built in a Sweet Chestnut coppice in Kent."


"This body of fired work reflects the influence that this new approach to firing has had on my creative process. 

The collection of wild clay paintings, using wild clays in their raw state on waste wood, has come from my interest in zero carbon ceramics and is a new direction in my ceramics practice."


"I trained in Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1980’s since when I have continued my interest in experimental ceramics and live flame firings."


"I am a selected maker of The Crafts Council of Great Britain, and a selected maker of Make Southwest in Devon. I have shown at select galleries and shows such as Galerie Besson, The Mall Galleries, and Oxford Ceramics Fair. Alongside my making practice I teach ceramics in a studio setting on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, and I have also taught in diverse places such as The City Lit in London, Holloway Women’s Prison, and residential care homes for the elderly."

Moody Pillow Form | H. 20 cm | By Imogen Taylor Noble

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