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Wheel-thrown stoneware with glaze

H. 12 x dia. 31 cm



About Simon Allen


Simon Allen has an international reputation for his unique carved and gilded wall sculptures, and his works feature in many prestigious locations, as well as numerous private collections. This is the first exhibition of his ceramic work.

Simon's new collection of bowls have been thrown on the wheel, and then manipulated into asymmetric forms. The undulating rim is the primary focus, a rhythmic line in space, its organic pulse shifting as the viewer moves around it.

These works take their inspiration from the dormant time just preceding the new seasons growth, a turning point in the axis of the seasonal cycle. There are references to the cliffs and moorlands of the Cornish coast, where Simon lives, with a neutral palette of pale hues and off whites, suggesting the bleached moorland grasses after the dormant winter. In this context, the use of white is a natural Tabula Rasa, the colour of new beginnings and new possibilities.


Simon writes in catalogue essay for Exhibition of Sculptures,  'From Earth and Air' 2016


 'Wildness is an elusive force, found in the spaces between things, in emptiness, in the wind, or in the energy of a wave. It is chaotic and undefinable, its presence is felt intuitively, rather than being able to be grasped or seen like a tangible object. In this wild force there is a freedom and a beauty. It makes me aware of the forces which shape the natural world, while at the same time I am completely at one with them, of actually being part of the natural force. To quote Jackson Pollock, “I am nature”. '


' In the wild landscape I find an energy and a sense of connection. Giving form to this energy is at the core of my work. Whether this is in the tangible movement of water, or the invisible forces such as the wind, that shape the land. For me, these experiences have a universal resonance. They exist in an eternal space where the elements and the land speak enduring truths.'


Simon Allen was in born in 1967 in Bristol, in the United Kingdom. He completed a Degree in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art in 1989. Moving to London he initially worked as a technician at Waddington Galleries, and then he went on to train as a gilder at Stewart Heslop Frames, where he became Studio Manager.


Returning to Cornwall in 1994, he started to pursue his own art, and devoloped his unique gilded wall sculptures which have earnt him international acclaim. He now works as a full time sculptor in his studio on the edge of Cornish moorland, near to St.Ives. These bowls are his first presentation of his recent explorations with clay.



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Moorland Grasses 3 | By Simon Allen

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