Mug | By Tom Crew

Mug | By Tom Crew

Mug by Tom Crew





H. 6 x dia. 9 cm



About the Artist

"'I prefer working with groggy black clays and using the wheel. For me using the wheel makes the creative process feel rhythmic and meditative, with the finished out put more of a sketch than a painting, something fleeting and captured. I like to see a little of the history of the making in my work, as materials pass through their stages of transformation to the finished item - that may then, ultimately, begin a new life when used as an everyday functional object. I prefer to make functional forms, as I like the thought that the more something is used the more real and meaningful it may be.'Tom Crew was born in Malta 'a long time ago', considers himself a Londoner, lives in Shoreditch and describes himself as a late starter t