Naked Raku Vessel | By Gaby Guz

Naked Raku Vessel | By Gaby Guz


Raku-fired ceramic

H. 13 x dia. 14.5 cm



About Gaby Guz

I’ve been a maker my whole life, but my two great creative passions are ceramics and drawing. I trained on the renowned ceramics degree course at Harrow School of Art in the early 1990s and I am now a member of Rochester Square Studio in London where I make my Naked Raku pots. Drawing and specifically life drawing is something I’ve only been doing for the last few years but has now become as vital a part of my practice as ceramics.

I’m drawn to the Eastern aesthetic. In cultures such as Japan, China and Korea, artisan skills are valued and treasured. This attitude is, thankfully, gradually permeating the Western world.

My wheel thrown, naked raku, pots also owe something to Eastern art– in terms of, simplicity, form and proportion– Raku itself is a Japanese term originating in the 16th century and was the name given to a family which made a particular kind of pottery. The only similarity between what I do, and traditional raku is the removal of pieces from the kiln while they are still glowing hot and cooling them in the open air.


My work involves mark making. Once I have made a harmonious form – with agonised decisions made about shape, size of opening, neck, shoulders etc - with an appropriate volume and weight, I set to work on the surface. The marks are ‘painted’ by smoke and the process enabling the smoke markings is painstaking and lengthy. The surface of my pots have been likened variously to eggshells or weathered beach pebbles polished by the tides. They invite touch.


In my drawing, I’ve taken some of the tools and media of Chinese ink and wash drawings and used them in a non-traditional way. I am fortunate to have ready access to the huge range of calligraphy brushes, ink and types of paper that are easily available in Shanghai.



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