Orbit 23 | By Toby Duncan

Orbit 23 | By Toby Duncan


Wheel thrown using stoneware clay. Studded with black clay ‘sticks’, and glazed with multiple stoneware and earthenware glazes.

H. 13 x dia. 13 cm



About Toby Duncan

Toby Duncan is a Norfolk-based maker drawn to the amorphous qualities of clay, and the elemental alchemy of ceramics.


Of all the shapes to come from the Potter’s wheel, the sphere presents not only significant technical challenge, but considerable conceptual interest too. Most commonly referred to as Moon Jars, there has long been an appreciation of this form within the history and tradition of British Studio Ceramics.


'I originally conceived the Orbit Series as an exercise in zero-waste production, where I determined to use all of the clay, scraps, trimmings, and slip included. This intent resulted in me throwing the base geometry before adding any off-cuts produced in the throwing, back onto the piece.'


'I started to use pre-fired pins or pegs of extruded clay (themselves the byproducts of the Eve series) to punctuate and puncture the spheres. These sticks seem to act as markers, as if driving a mathematical stake through the volume, and we can suddenly imagine them as poles, axes or rotation points. Maybe we see them as potential landing points, and the eye most certainly travels from one peg to the next as if tracing an orbit across their surface.'


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