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Stoneware, glazed

H. 12.5 x w. 18 x d. 17 cm



About Magdalena Rudowska

Magdalena Rudowska, a Polish designer and artist, skillfully fuses interior design, fashion, fine art drawing, and ceramics into her creative tapestry. Her ceramic practice breathes life into the age-old tradition of clay vessels, which have held a special place in human history for millennia. Rooted in the raw beauty of nature, she selects clay as her canvas, allowing her to sculpt and capture fleeting emotions and sensuality within these timeless forms, forging a profound connection between the past and the present. 


Magdalena gained a MA Interior Design 2008 from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland in 2008. She also completed an online Drawing Development Year at The Royal Drawing School, London in 2021/22.

Organic Vessel | H. 12.5 cm | By Magdalena Rudowska

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