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Pin oak with copper stitching

H. 11 x dia. 38 cm



About Paul Kristafor

"In my practice I strive to recognise the forces inherent in the wood which reflect the memory of a tree’s life. The history of a tree, the evidence of all that it has lived through resides in the tensions, knots and grain patterns. As the craftsman I attempt to create honest forms that allow the story of the tree to be honoured and revealed."



Paul’s passion for wood began when he lived for many years in various remote Southern and East African wilderness areas. Working as a project manager in community-owned tourism programs he was exposed to the use of wood as a material for building and decorating 5-star safari camps.


Now, as a self-taught studio woodturner, he creates vessels and bowls by hand using primarily a traditional lathe and gouges combined with contemporary carving techniques. He works almost exclusively with green wood and has developed a particular affinity with the several species of oak endemic in South Africa.


His use of scorching as a surface texturing technique is inspired by the elemental part that fire plays in life in the bush. He also uses metals such as brass, copper and silver as aesthetic devices in his vessels, often referencing traditional African methods of repairing wooden pots and utensils.

Palustris Footed Disc | H. 11 cm | By Paul Kristafor

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