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13 x 12 x 8 cm


About Paulina Gobiecka

"I'm inspired by the nature, different landscapes and cultures I have seen during my journeys to Australia, Mexico, Iceland and many other amazing countries. My sculptures are almost my personal diary entries from these expeditions. It's easier to reveal my feelings and thoughs sculpting in ceramics then writing about them."


"When I am painting different patterns, with porcelain slips or underglazes on the surfaces of the sculptures, I have in my mind the colourful landscapes, the people I have met on the way, the beauty of the nature, as well as the arts and crafts of indigenous people I have seen during these travels."


"I really enjoy firing my sculptures in the wood-fired kilns, because wood firing gives those very special effects of colours of the Earth which make the works looks very elemental."



Artist Q&A

Which artist/artists do you admire most?

P: I admire the most Picasso and Jean Miro, but among living ceramic artists I admire the most my Janina Myronova and Alberto Bustos.


Do you listen to anything as you work?

P: When I work at the studio I like listening to Polish traditional music, world music and jazz. My favourite musicians are: Adam Strug, Adam Bałdych, Jan Garbarek, Yasmin Levy, Buika and Tito Paris.


Tell us more about your recent series, when did you begin this and how has

it developed?

P: The recent series of my works I have started praparing this spring. Last year I went to Guldagergaard - International Ceramic Research Center for the workshops run by Alberto Bustos. The workshops were fantastic and after them I was inspired to start working in a totally different, experimental way.


Can you tell us more about the work featured in our Winter Exhibition

P: My works featured in the Winter Exhibition are my newest works made of porcelain, decorated with colorful pigments and transparent glaze. They are all fired in my wood fired kiln, which I have built last year with my friends and family. It was big project but thanks to fantastic kiln master Joe Finch, we have managed to complete it.

Plant 1 | H. 13 cm | By Paulina Gobiecka

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